How To Pick Suitable Agility Training Equipment For Your Dog

24 Jan

How To Pick Suitable Agility Training Equipment For Your Dog

Is your dog always slouching and bored being indoors all day? Well, it’s about time that you spend some time with your dog and do some activity. Agility is an amazing and fun sport that both the pet and the owner can enjoy. Most of pet owners are well aware that physical activity and exercise is important to keep the dog healthy and active.

Agility training with the use of equipment does not only ensure your dog’s physical health but it also stimulates his mind. It tests the skills, endurance and capacity of your dog to go through the obstacles. This sport has started in UK in 1978 as an entertainment, but now has gained its popularity and considered also as a sport. Some does this for competition others for fun and spending time with their pet.

In agility training basically you will need the equipment to use. You can either build your own obstacle course or purchase it online. Apparently, it is gaining popularity among pet lovers that there are different types of agility equipment that is readily available in the market today. But, with wide selection to choose from, how will you determine that you are getting the suitable equipment to use?

First, consider the dog that you are going to train. Is your dog timid and you wanted to develop his confidence? Or is your dog has high energy and you want it to be used in a more controlled manner? Second, the size, age and breed of your dog. Basically, an agility course consisted of jumps, tunnels, weaves and a pause table.

Choose adjustable equipment so you that will be able to decrease or increase the level of training difficulty. Go for portability of equipment, that has manual labor required, can be taken apart and relocated easily. Changing the layout of obstacle course will also provide more challenge to your dog.

Obedience is the key to the success of this activity. Agility training does not only test the skill of your dog, it also teaches them to be obedient in your commands. Determine also the goal of agility training, do you want to do it just for fun and just spend time with your dog? Or you want to take it to a more serious level such as for competition? These factors will help you in choosing the suitable equipment to use in the training.
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