Diverse Ways To secure Your Equaty Via Real Estate, Money Lending and More

23 Jan

Diverse Ways To secure Your Equaty Via Real Estate, Money Lending and More

Making money seems to interest almost everyone for obvious reasons. Many people are currently making money through many ways: stocks, IRA, selling houses, savings accounts and through several other investment vehicles. Private money lending is one of the easiest ways to make money in a tough economy as it is today.

Private money lending as an investment process has been used and tested by the most perceptive of all professionals in many cadres. It has however, not been common among many investors as many people do not understand it. Therefore, if you are a smart investor and have money to invest now, the smartest investment decision would be to invest in the in private money lending.

Briefly, private money lending is known to give returns ranging between 8% and 15%. This rate is generally better than whatever you would make in any other investment besides providing tangible security for your money in the form of property i.e. Real estate. Another benefit private money lending provides to the investor is the fact that they are able to set the interest rates and this puts them in total control of what they make with their money.

As a matter of information, private moneylender clients are normally real estate investors who have found highly discounted property that can be sold for a profit. The money is offered at a huge interest rate but these investors tend to want it anyways, as it is the easiest loan they can get. This ensures that they are able to buy a discounted house, renovate it and sale at a super profit to cover the cost of financing and their profits. Traditionally, many of these properties tend to be old or beat down necessitating the need for repairs. The process, by which the investors renovate the property before they sell at a profit, is called rehabbing.

What differentiates private moneylenders to conventional lenders such as banks includes lengthy approvals times, tightened capitals markets towards borrowers in hard economic times and the short time frames such business opportunities require to materialize. Given that many private moneylenders understand the simplicity of what these processes, require, many real estate investors are more willing to pay higher rates on lend money that is available as soon as possible rather than follow lengthy bank processes that can lose them the deals of a lifetime.

The nature of this business need puts the lenders in the best position to profit over their money in the comfort of their homes. Acting like banks charging higher interests, one sits while their money works for them. As a perceptive and smart investor, using this type of strategy in tax-deferred, self-directed IRA plans and health care savings accounts can make you a lot of money. The beauty of it is the fact that you have your money working for you in way other people do not see. The increased mystery in the way you make your money can be quite intriguing as you are able to make more money, without the huge characters of the banks.

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