All You Need to Know About Tooth Extractions

16 Jan

All You Need to Know About Tooth Extractions

The advancements in dentistry allow dentists to fix broken or damaged teeth with a crown, filling or one of the many other dental treatments. However, there are cases where the damage on the tooth is so severe, that the tooth is impossible to be repaired. In these cases, the dentist has to extract the tooth from the bone’s socket. This is called a tooth extraction.

Types of Tooth Extraction

Generally speaking, the dentistry distinguishes between two main types of tooth extractions:

  1. Simple extraction
  2. Surgical extraction

The difference between the two is the position and visibility of the tooth. In cases where the tooth can be seen in the patient’s mouth, the dentist can use an elevator to loosen the tooth and forceps to remove it. This is a simple extraction.

As explained by a dentist in Matthews, surgical extraction is a more complex procedure since the tooth may not be visible since it has not erupted, or it may have broken off at the gum line. In this case, an oral surgeon extracts the broken or impacted tooth surgically by making a small incision into the gum in the mouth.

Why are Teeth Extracted?

There are several reasons why you would need a tooth extraction. Firstly, the tooth may be too damaged from decay, usually due to negligence on behalf of the patient. If the patient did not visit the dentist in time, the damage may be too severe for it to be repaired.

Other reasons why a dentist may decide on tooth extraction are:

  • a tooth blocks other teeth from erupting
  • there is a need to make some room when getting braces, so that the teeth can be aligned properly
  • baby teeth do not fall out in time
  • people who are fighting cancer often have infected teeth because of the weakened immune system
  • some teeth need to be removed if there is a chance that they will cause an infection after organ transplants

The most often extracted teeth are the wisdom teeth or the third molars. These teeth come later than other teeth and can be decayed. In such cases, patients experience pain or suffer from infection and they need tooth extraction.

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